Morning Glory


Corner Flower

size: 10"H x 12"W


Chickadee Oval

size: 15"H x 8" W


Heart Flag

size: 10"H x 9"W


Wine Bottles
(created with colors of your choice to match your decor)

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Orange Plates


Fall Oval

​starting at $245

Pretty in Pink

starting at $175 


Rose Panel

size: 8"H x 15"W



Window Fancies - $75

Approx 5-6" wide 30-34" long

Color  of choice

Hummingbird Oval

size: 15"H x 8"W


Hummingbird Scroll 
Size:  18"H x 6"W

​ $43.00

Green Window

​starting at $150

Coneflower Scroll

Size:  18"H x 6"W

​ $43.00

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stained glass

Blue Oblong


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Sandwich Glass Bridge Set


Heart Roses

size: 10"H x 8"W


Lighthouse Panel
Size:  16"H x 20"W

​starting at $110

Shamrock Square
Size:  6"h x 6"w


Daisy Sunflower
Size: 9"h x 6"w


Business Card Holder $25

 Color of choice 

Clear Panel
Size:  22"H x 15"W


Pink Bevel


Suit of Cards - Approx. 12" x 16"


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Handcrafted Quality

Green Plates


Hummingbird Heart

size: 15"H x 10"W


Humminbird Round

size: 10" round


Beveled Bird Panel
Size:  14"H x 14"W